Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trash Talk Stomped to Death By Mob of Vans

Almost, not really. Looks to me like all those Vans are closing in on him...going in for the kill. I guess he lived since they have the whole rest of the tour to do and it's still ON TRASH TALK'S MYSPACE. I'm thinking this pic is from the LA show that they played March 28th with White Shit. The boys at SVRF&DESTROY all back the band hard and passed along the photo.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Try Hard On My Skateboard.

Can I get a group, "Awwwwwwwwww!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

C-Walking vs Irish Step Dancing

A guy posted this on youtube this week with this question:

"I wanna know which shoes look better for cwalking?
1.White Cortez's
2.Blue Vans
3.Black Cortez's"

(As of today Vans is winning. Huzzah! Also as of today I know what c-walking is and that you need to know what shoes look best while you are doing it.)

Reminds me of something else....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Interview with Tattoo Artist Brian Basabe

Brian Basabe is a tattoo artist, painter of custom Vans, and all around good personality from Boise, Idaho.

Nikki: What's your deal?

Brian: I'm 28 years old. Basically i'm just a guy from southern Idaho who always liked to draw. I got into the skateboard culture in the late 80'sthrough Thrasher Magazine. I grew up on a farm with only one small sidewalk to skate on. So I spent most of my time drawing all the skate logos and designs until I had them memorized, skateboarding, and listening to the bands in the magazine. Looking back I guess I got brainwashed by it. Anyway, my interests in drawing, skating, and music stuck with me into adulthood. So here I am.

Nikki: How did you get into the tattoo world?

Brian: I started getting tattooed as soon as I turned 18. But I never considered doing it myself, I didn't know how one became a tattooer. But after almost ten years of non-stop labor jobs, I just said "Fuck it, I'm gonna tattoo or die trying." So I called a few tattooers I knew of and they gave me some leads. I wandered into Nobody's Hero Tattoo on my day off and told TJ that I was gonna learn and asked if he wanted to apprentice me. He said probably not, but he'd look at my drawings. He did, and then told me to come back the next day. He said I could watch him work, answer the phone, take out the trash, clean the shop, etc. I put in my 2 weeks notice at the tire warehouse and that was that. I was tattooing full time about 3-4 months later.

Nikki: What's your favorite shoe you've painted?

Brian: The Big Lebowski pair are my favorite so far. They were the first attempt. I've done other pairs that were artistically way better, but I like the Dude and Walter.

Thanks Brian. Nice chatting with you. See more of his work on MYSPACE.COM/MRBASABE.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Skateboard is Heavy. The End.

Maybe not the end exactly. A German artist named HerrSchulze built it. Because of him I can now tell you that "rollbretter" translates to "skateboards" while the singular ein "rollbrett." I'm so international. Listen, "Bratwurst." See? HerrSchulze has a show coming up in April at Wonderland Gallery in Cologne called "Eyeball Party" and it involves an elephant skull. ARE YOU INTRIGUED?

Thanks for the tip, Phil via TODAY AND TOMORROW.

Orange City, FL Man Burns One Down- A Ramp, I Mean.

Apparently, Lewis Smith, a 45 year-old Florida man, likes fire and hates skate ramps. He was arrested on Sunday for setting fire to his neighbor's ramp after Smith had asked him several times to keep it out of the road.

I mean really though. It could have been worse. Ain't nothing ironic about this guy. He's had that mustache since 1978, and he wears camo because he kills things. His neighbor is lucky Smith didn't put a Marlboro Red out in his eye.

I also like that the original jpg I lifted from the source site, NEWS JOURNAL ONLINE, is titled "mug_lewissmith.jpg."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Far*East Movement is Reminding Dudes It's Ok To Like Shopping A Lot.

Shoes, shoes, shoes, jeans, jeans, jeans, I like to match ev'ry-thing. Ah, man. I just wrote a hit. Piow! Piow! Piow! I like that FM talks about getting good sales in this song. Who don't need to get a good sale up in here?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Neal Hendrix Photographs at Tampa Pro

Vans skate team rider Neal Hendrix is embarking on some new shit and humble beyond reason about showing his photos. Neal mentions in an email that he's aware he's no professional photographer, but only wants to share what skating has given him the opportunity to experience.

His first show will be up during the Tampa Pro, March 20-22nd, 2009 thanks to the guys at SKATEPARK OF TAMPA. If you aren't lucky enough to make it to the event then enjoy a few of his photos here and watch our guys skate all over your computer live in HD ON FUEL SATURDAY- HERE. I'm sure we'll be seeing more work from Neal soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Custom Vans by Brittany W. Smith

SoCal artist Brittany W. Smith, via nom de plume Smithereens, has a great sense of humor about herself and her art. After all, she signs her work with a "BS," and I found out about her on craigslist. What else? She's got a husband named Josh and a dog named nollie and a living room crammed with art supplies and shoes and she used to intern at Vans.

"Where do I look for inspiration for my work? Really anything can inspire me. Music, tattoos, inside jokes, a sarcastic comeback, a day at the beach-anything. It sounds corny, but I try not to set out looking for inspiration, I just let it find me," says Brittany.

Hit her up about designing some custom kicks for you ON HER MYSPACE.

Amanda Lopez in LA

Photographer and friend of Vans Amanda Lopez will be hanging her work "True Story: The Vans Shoes Series" (a series of photos chronicling the life of her checkerboard Slip-Ons) at IMIX BOOKS in the Eagle Rock 'hood in Los Angeles coming up soon. Her opening reception will be March 28th from 8pm- 11pm. It's gonna be fun! Get more info on AMANDA'S SITE and AMANDA'S BLOG.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jacob Jones and The Serious Dedication

Jacob Jones is a San Fernando Valley, CA native who has made his way from working on helicopters in the Navy to being a film studio equipment driver in LA while having plenty of adventures along the way. Some of those adventures involve tattoos. And some of those tattoos involve Vans. Meet “Vansman” Jacob...

“I got my first pair of vans about the age of 4, 5 or 6. Can’t remember which age for sure. I got them from the Chatsworth store on Topanga Canyon, which I have to say, is still there. Of course they were slip on checkerboard. Black and white colors.“

“I got the idea of the tattoo on my feet because I only wear Vans! Period! I am talking socks and shoes! I got the tattoo done at Graffiti Palace Tattoo in North Hollywood. My friend Abel did them for me! (Mad love Abel!) Anyway, he said it was one of the most original ideas for a tattoo he has ever done! I have had them for about three years now! I get asked when people notice them if they hurt! Well I have a high tolerance for pain so not really but some parts hurt! I have many other tattoos since then and plan on getting more! I just have this to say I will die with my Vans on!”

Thanks for the interview Jacob! Now I am really excited, too! BEFRIEND HIM ON HIS MYSPACE.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Check Out This Artist: Fumi Mini Nakamura

Fumi Mini Nakamura's work may look familiar to you since most recently her drawings graced the pages of Nylon Magazine. She's an illustrator & designer whose work has appeared in exhibitions and galleries all over the place. And looky here! Turns out she also created a pair of Vans a while back. Neat.

Soon she'll be making her way from her home in Brooklyn to Sydney, Australia for a solo show at The National Grid Gallery opening on March, 20th, 2009. There, she'll be hanging pieces from her most recent pencil and graphite series Himitsu. Here's HER FLICKR and HER SITE.

If you're in Sydney, make sure to make it by the gallery for Fumi's event.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo of the Week: Aurélien Salomé

Technically this should be a plural "Photos of the Week." Meh. I didn't feel like breaking up the set. I like his work (penchant for Polaroids, duh), so Meet Aurélien. He's a 19-year-old photographer/Art History student born and raised in France. Here's what he has to say...

"The 3 main things that I'm interested in are photography, skate and surf. I don't live on a coast, so that lets me with skate and photography. I realised that I had more skill with a camera in the hands than with a board under my feet. So I started to take some pictures of my friends riding, and I just get addicted to it."

"I had my first pair of Vans in a little skateshop in France. When I saw the movie Lords of Dogtown, I had only one thought in head: "I need those shooooes!". So I went in like 10 different skateshop to find the Vans Era they have in the movie. I wore them pretty much everyday during a year, and I started to buy other Vans. Today, Vans rules my life! So here I am, with my little collection."

Seems like he's doing well with portraits, too. The photo of the girl is heavy on the Art History tip...what up nod to the old masters?

Thanks a lot Aurélien. To see more of his work, take a look at his galleries HERE and HERE.

The Skateboard Film Festival – Official Call for Entries – 2009

All you budding filmmakers and aspiring pro skaters (all y'all that send me 'sponsor me' messages in all caps, too)...here's your chance. The guys at The Skateboard Film Fest have extended their free entry deadline until March, 31st. Don't be shy. Send in your work. You don't have to go to Seattle to enter the festival, by the way.

The Skateboard Film Festival serves to promote independent film making in the skateboard community at large. It is open to the entire public by way of video and film submissions, and there are several categories by which each filmmaker can submit his or her video short or full-length movie. Winning films will be carefully selected by a panel of judges and shown during the festival weekend in SIFF Cinema's state of the art theater right next to Seattle's new Sea Skate Plaza.

August 14th – 16th, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Seattle, WA: Seattle International Film Festival Theater at Seattle Center.

First read official submission guidelines FOUND HERE.

Then send your submission(s) and entry fee to:

The Skateboard Film Festival
10115 Greenwood Avenue North #146
Seattle, WA 98133-9197

2009 Deadlines & Fees:
FREE: Extended through March 31
Early: April 15 - $15
Standard: April 30th - $20
Late: May 15 - $25
Extended: June 15 - $40
No entries will be accepted after June 15th.

Sponsor Me, Shop Video, Feature Film, Creative Short, Documentary, International, Wild Card. Details HEREEEEEEEEE.

More information: SKATEBOARD FILM FESTIVAL or email info@theskateboardfilmfestival.com GOOD LUCK!

Oops! I forgot. Here's an entry called Juxtaposer by Christopher Murphy.


Friday, March 6, 2009

New Film Sunshine Cleaning Kicks It Old Skool

Sunshine Cleaning stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt as two sisters who start their own crime scene cleaning service. It's one of those quirky-sad-but-uplifting-funny-clever films...you know. The part of the "slacker sister," played by Blunt, happens to be wearing Old Skool Vans on the movie poster. Score one. Next there's this....

Thanks to Phil for the tip. See the official trailer and all that jazz here: SUNSHINE CLEANING.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For the Ladies: Juliet from Charge Bikes Team

Here's a friend you want to go ride bikes with. Meet Juliet from Charge Bikes in London. How much fun is this girl having? More than you, I bet. Jen from GNARLITUDE sent me a link earlier today to JULIET'S BLOG. The girl's got a good sense of humor about her recent shoot with COOLER magazine:

"It's basically me prancing about in hot pants. Hahaha! Let the piss taking commence!"

Enjoy this nice ride through fall in London, too. Ahhhhhh fall leaves...sigh...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sally's Vans Collection

Och! Aye. I just think it's cute that this girl made a video about how much she loves her shoes. And that she keeps yelling the whole time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Brad Pit Wears Vans! OH! EM! GEEEEE!!!

Trust us. We got an eye for these things. Here we have Brad Pitt tromping out of LAX wearing the Vans Cojo surf shoe. It's a little desert boot-looking number. And there's pizza. Obviously, Pitt likes pizza.

(yeah, there was a mean joke here about being mean...but I guess I'm really not that mean so I "edited it in post.")

Note to Brad: Hey B. What's new? Love your work. Not only did I adore you as a TINY WEIRD OLD BABY MAN, but I'm looking forward to you GETTING SOME NAZI SCALPS with your clever mustache in the new Tarantino flick. (Look out your window and wave. You can't see me, but I can see you! LOL!) Aaaaaannnndddd scene!