Monday, February 2, 2009

There is Weird Stuff in the World Waiting to Pounce On You.

I run across my fair share of strange nuggets on the interwebster, however, this one...this one....

Ok. First of all, this is titled Canvas Sneaker Girls 4. There are three other versions which have built a temple to the the unfathomable heights reached only by this, the fourth installment. Be they Bass, Keds, or Vans they are all welcomed as long as they are contained within the pages of wrinkled issues of Women's Day or Cosmopolitan from the '80s. Also, tell me the dude that made this don't work for the History Channel. You know how you'll be watching something on there titled "Hostile World Take Overs Gloom Torch Part 5," and they will be all trying to make a painting of Napoleon look dramatic? And they do that "pan all over it" deal so it looks like, "OooOoO! This is like Napoleon's ALIVE!" This is like that. Is that first girl Mira Sorvino? Here's a little Linda Evangelista for you, too.