Monday, February 16, 2009

RIP The Ripper Video: The Story Behind the Exhibit

If there was one thing everyone at the ASR trade show last month agreed on it was that the RIP The Ripper exhibition was absolutely one of the highlights of the week in San Diego. There were 58 pieces of artwork in the show. Each artist involved interpreted the iconic Ripper graphic in their own style, a fitting tribute to the artist, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson (VCJ), who created the original work in 1978 for Powell-Peralta.

If you missed it, here's a walk through the show with Steve Caballero, George Powell, and a few other good people, like Tanner Goldbeck, who add some interesting back story. Besides Cab, we had a few more friends lucky enough to be invited to create work for the show including Dennis McNett, Michael Sieben, Oliver Peck & Wes Humpston.

There's a nice gallery HERE ON LIFELOUNGE of VJC's most iconic work. To see our Vans pics with Oliver and Cab at the show take a look at the VANS FLICKR.

PS...thanks to @VANSFRANCE for the heads up on the vid this morning.