Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Always Wear Your Safety Mask & Glasses, Kids.

Don, aka NB's Closet, is my favorite new person of the month. Yes, I am taking into account that February is a mere ten days old. Y'all have plenty of time to compete for my favor with the remainder of this month. Back to the matter at hand...this guy's blog. It's right nice. He's a sign maker/jewelry & accessories designer. Here's how I think his day goes.... he wakes up and takes his dog, Foxxx out to pee.

Then, goes to work at the sign shop in San Antonio, TX where he's making things like this (with safety gear, of course)....

then he goes home and makes craftiness like this little Vans Slip-On necklace, this robot charm, a cassette ring and all sorts of other doodads that you want.

Don closes out his day with a "pan cake with greasy bacons & butter spread."

Oh, he's gonna tell you how to make that food, too. It has maple syrup. See more of Don's jewlery & accessories for sale on "NB CLOSET'S ETSY". Don't forget to check out "HIS BLOG HERE", though. It's a gem full of recipes, dog photos, stuff he makes, and musings from Charles Schwab.