Thursday, February 26, 2009

Made for Skate Book Signing This Weekend at Huf LA

Jurgen Blumlein and Daniel Schmid, the guys behind the Made for Skate book, were kind enough to drop into our office today to say hello. They gave us a copy of the book, which really is all it's cracked up to be.

Meet the guys & get your copy signed this Saturday February 28th 2009 from 5pm-9pm at HUF LA. 410 N. Fairfax in LA. If you're in the Simi Valley, they'll be at the Skatelab Slatepark 4226 Valley Fair St, Simi Valley, CA on Saturday March 7th from 1pm-10pm.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Paper Heart: Charlyne Yi's New Film

It was all over the place at Sundance. Lucky me, I had the chance to see it last month. She's flippin' funny. Not even kidding...I teared up a little bit a couple of times, too. Someone slaved over this synopsis for days so here's a cut & paste to give you an idea of what it's about:

"Even though performer Charlyne Yi doesn't believe in love, she bravely embarks on a quest to discover its true nature-a journey that takes on surprising urgency when she meets unlikely fellow traveler, actor Michael Cera."

(Elbow in your rib...) How about Michael Cera's footwear? You can find a couple more teasers on ACESHOWBIZ. And you know what else? It's even got a MAN MAN song in the film. Put this thang in theaters already. I'm boooooored.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is Why You're Fat.

If there's one thing Vans loves, it's fricken' waffles. Any Vans event you go to you'll see Steve Van Doren cooking up waffles on a stick and hooking everybody up. Honestly? Delicious. Yet, against all odds, I may have found the recipe to trump the waffles on a stick. Check this out. Waffle coated hot dog on a stick. Van Doren, get on this.

Where did I find this delectable creation? THIS IS WHY YOU'RE FAT DOT COM. I have never seen so much food created by what I could only assume must a bunch of stoner frat dudes from Texas. And I mean that in a good way. Thanks to Battlecat from for the link. THE BSE CLUB.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Made For Skate: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Footwear

I ran across a great book via Adam Salo on ESPN.COM Like the moniker says, "Made For Skate" chronicles the history of the skateboard shoe. It starts off by pointing out that back in the day, people skated barefoot a lot.

I haven't seen a physical copy of the book yet, but this one seems like it's worth picking up. It's full of everything from vintage ads to a spread on the point when Shoe Goo dropped into the scene. There are a few shots of someone's old hightops from when people started cutting those down, too.

If you don't have the cash to spring on the book, which is available for purchase at all major booksellers, then you can click through the volume HERE. I think the idea behind that is that you'll do both.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jason Rowe: Photo of the Week

Just a quick post today, guys. I love this photo by Jason Rowe. The color & the look of the ground... I know what I'm talking about...took b&w photography 101 in school. duh. Furthermore, it's better to be photo of the week at the beginning of the week 'cause I'm claiming that this is so rad I know nothing will be better. So basically, I am looking into the future. Basically, I have a crystal ball.

Take a look through JASON'S GALLERY ON FLICKR. He's got some nice work on there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

RIP The Ripper Video: The Story Behind the Exhibit

If there was one thing everyone at the ASR trade show last month agreed on it was that the RIP The Ripper exhibition was absolutely one of the highlights of the week in San Diego. There were 58 pieces of artwork in the show. Each artist involved interpreted the iconic Ripper graphic in their own style, a fitting tribute to the artist, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson (VCJ), who created the original work in 1978 for Powell-Peralta.

If you missed it, here's a walk through the show with Steve Caballero, George Powell, and a few other good people, like Tanner Goldbeck, who add some interesting back story. Besides Cab, we had a few more friends lucky enough to be invited to create work for the show including Dennis McNett, Michael Sieben, Oliver Peck & Wes Humpston.

There's a nice gallery HERE ON LIFELOUNGE of VJC's most iconic work. To see our Vans pics with Oliver and Cab at the show take a look at the VANS FLICKR.

PS...thanks to @VANSFRANCE for the heads up on the vid this morning.

Friday, February 13, 2009

This SK8-Hi Gives Jas Seizures.

"Have you ever seen something that's so crazy that you would be like, man, that's crazy?" Toadally. That's the query posed to us from Jas B, a 16-year-old girl from Long Beach, CA. She made this shoe review about her brother's Vans with the encouragement of her history teacher, Ms. Colotto. Yeah, Jas could probably tighten up the final cut, but I'm backing her music along with the graphics and funny image flips. It's clever, even if it's a bit slow out of gate. Every filmmaker has to start somewhere, and anyway, it's rad to see kids making stuff.

Propeller Powered Skateboard, Seriously.

Yes. All it takes is an R/C transmitter, some wood, a skateboard, a fan, and being so smart that it doesn't matter what kind of contraption you come up with you can be all, "Beat it kook, " and ride off into the sunset on your propeller-powered skateboard.

Fan Powered Skateboard - Action Clip from Crazy Builders on Vimeo.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KAWS x Vans on CBS Sunday Morning

Don't be surprised if you grandma hits you up about Vans collaborator, KAWS, the next time you call her. (Call your Gram. She loves you.) He was just featured on CBS Sunday Morning interviewed by Serena Altschul. They discussed where his art began (skating & graffiti) and where its going (Pharrell's condo). The Vans x Simpsons shoe he did a while back gets a good glamour shot. He seems like a nice fella. Good for him.

KAWS' next show will be running from February 21-April at the Honor Fraser Gallery in LA. More info about THE SHOW HERE.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Always Wear Your Safety Mask & Glasses, Kids.

Don, aka NB's Closet, is my favorite new person of the month. Yes, I am taking into account that February is a mere ten days old. Y'all have plenty of time to compete for my favor with the remainder of this month. Back to the matter at hand...this guy's blog. It's right nice. He's a sign maker/jewelry & accessories designer. Here's how I think his day goes.... he wakes up and takes his dog, Foxxx out to pee.

Then, goes to work at the sign shop in San Antonio, TX where he's making things like this (with safety gear, of course)....

then he goes home and makes craftiness like this little Vans Slip-On necklace, this robot charm, a cassette ring and all sorts of other doodads that you want.

Don closes out his day with a "pan cake with greasy bacons & butter spread."

Oh, he's gonna tell you how to make that food, too. It has maple syrup. See more of Don's jewlery & accessories for sale on "NB CLOSET'S ETSY". Don't forget to check out "HIS BLOG HERE", though. It's a gem full of recipes, dog photos, stuff he makes, and musings from Charles Schwab.

Monday, February 9, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, my friend MARC passed me the link for LOOKBOOK. It's a site for up-and-coming designers and regular blokes interested in fashion to upload and share their photos. It's a great place to draw a little inspiration if you're into that sort of thing....I mean, uh, I'm not, but uhhhh....I mean, well, ok I dabble.

I think it's pretty cool. There are all sorts of rules for this network to keep it fair. For instance, the photos you upload have to be your photos. It's all original content. Here are a few photos people uploaded with Vans in mind. To see more check out LOOKBOOK HERE.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Are Experienced: Portraits of American Teenagers

Danielle Levitt, fashion photographer whose work has graced the pages of GQ & The New York Times mag just to name a couple of publications, has a new book out. She's traveled from coast to coast in the US taking portraits of teenagers she meets. The backgrounds are staged, meaning its not a straight up documentary, however, the kids model in their own clothes. The range of subjects move from wiccans, to punks, snowboarders & skateboarders, band kids to baton twirlers. The book is out now on Powerhouse. See more portraits from the book on NPR.ORG and WE ARE EXPERIENCED.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vans Graffiti at Donner Peak

You never know what you're gonna find when you're out for a hike...especially at Donner Peak (insert ghost noises here). Matthew DiPietro snapped this photo last week of a black Authentic painted inside an old train tunnel near North Tahoe, CA. Thanks, Matt. Check out his blog post about the photo, "NOW THAT'S BRAND LOYALTY." It's pretty good.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Custom Vans by Dan Springer

Toronto artist Dan Springer (along with the help of a local cobbler) made these customs for a group show at Omy Gallery he was working on in December. The colored tongues are interchangeable and held in place with velcro. Good for all y'all peeps that need to match the shirt to the shoe. Dan mentioned on his blog that if there was enough interest, he'd make a grip of them for sale in early 2009. If you're interested, CONTACT HIM HERE. (Although, I'd maybe flip around the design so the skull faces the world & not you. Know what I'm saying?)

Thanks to SKULLADAY for the tip.

Monday, February 2, 2009

There is Weird Stuff in the World Waiting to Pounce On You.

I run across my fair share of strange nuggets on the interwebster, however, this one...this one....

Ok. First of all, this is titled Canvas Sneaker Girls 4. There are three other versions which have built a temple to the the unfathomable heights reached only by this, the fourth installment. Be they Bass, Keds, or Vans they are all welcomed as long as they are contained within the pages of wrinkled issues of Women's Day or Cosmopolitan from the '80s. Also, tell me the dude that made this don't work for the History Channel. You know how you'll be watching something on there titled "Hostile World Take Overs Gloom Torch Part 5," and they will be all trying to make a painting of Napoleon look dramatic? And they do that "pan all over it" deal so it looks like, "OooOoO! This is like Napoleon's ALIVE!" This is like that. Is that first girl Mira Sorvino? Here's a little Linda Evangelista for you, too.

Vans in Dylan/Will.I.Am Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial!

I have to say, this is a pretty good commercial. If you missed it yesterday, check out a mad young Tony Alva (So bad...I thought it was Jay Adams. Eh, little blondies.)


WOW. Hulu took down the Pepsi commercial FAST. Let's see how long this youtube one lasts. I took a few extra screen shots of the commercial just in case this time.