Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Skateboard Film Festival-You Can Do This.

Over one fine weekend TBA in the summer of 2009 The Skateboard Film Festival will be looking all lovely and traipsing about theaters in Seattle, Washington. This festival is open to anyone who'd like to enter. There are several different categories including Sponsor Me, Shop Video, Feature Film, Creative Short, Documentary, International, and Wild Card. (Intrigued? You are gonna love it 'cause yo' ass loves some intrigue.)

You can see some of the current submissions to the festival on their site. Here's one of my favorites, "Beez" by RUSS CLARK.

It's $15 bucks to submit your film so no excuses about how broke you are. All the info you need is on THE SKATEBOARD FILM FESTIVAL SITE. Go make something.

As a side note, "Beez" is for sale on WISKATE with all proceeds going to charity. Ain't that sweet.