Monday, January 12, 2009

Randoms from the Toy Box

People like toys. (I'm slinging profundities like hash in the new year.) We got this puzzle featuring a rather majestic-looking pair of Authentics from the Maritime Hotel as a holiday card.

Then I found that Build-A-Bear not only has, Urban Skater (what??!!), but the bear can also have its own checkerboard slip-ons.

Ok. This led me to the fact that people like buying toys for their animals. You can put your parrot on this skateboard, or you can put your parakeet on a Tech Deck. Other animals? Yeah, but I only got as far as birds toys today. Why?

Because I got distracted. Because you know what people don't like? The smell of brussels sprouts. And I cooked some in the office and everybody started hollering all over the place! Like I tracked doo doo in here. HA! HA! That's what all y'all get for breathing.