Monday, January 5, 2009

Mike Giant's Custom 4130 Bike

After a fantastical-fantasy vacation over the last few days spent not more than 10 miles from my house at any given time, I return to you guys with a bunch of stuff to pull your ear about. Let's talk about Mike Giant. He and his company, Rebel 8, PARTNERED WITH US for a collection in Vans Core for Holiday 2008. Mike keeps busy for sure. I mean, now he's got the cover of the newest issue of CLARK MAGAZINE, hitting newsstands with an interview from another Vans buddy, Henry Rollins.

Here's the real tip, though. Take a look at Mike's new bike that his friend at Forty-One-Thirty Bikes made custom for him.

It's pretty awesome. Euro grocery-go-getter, but without all of the heavy hardware. I love this thing! I wonder if it has a freewheel, though? Kinda seems like a fixed gear loaded down with beer & groceries could be a bit of a challenge. But anyway...this bike is great. You can see how it was constructed on MIKE GIANT'S BLOG and get more info on the bikes at FORTY-ONE-THIRTY.