Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jump That Car, Kid!

Kid Jumps Over Speeding Station Wagon - Watch more Entertainment

First of all, this is amazing. Second of all, THIS AIN'T REAL so don't try this at home. I sent Andrew Lehmann, the star and creator of this video a couple of questions about it. So here goes:

NIKKI: How did you do that? Excellent editing? Where'd you get the idea for this short?

ANDREW: Yes it was editing I did. I dont know if u have seen the viral ad Kobe Bryant did, but he jumped an Astin Martin. I saw that and decided to make a parody using my favorite old pair of Vans.

NIKKI: Whose car was that, & how did you convince them that this was a good idea?

ANDREW: It was my parents old honda accord '91 station wagon that they let me drive. My dad was the one driving the car and he was pretty hesitant at first, but I eventually talked him into it.

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