Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coni Oppo (OH, NO!) Custom Vans

I'd venture to say its appropriate to post some custom Obama-llama Vans today. I just happened to run across these earlier this week along with the artist who made them. Hey so..uh....what the crud does Coni Oppo mean? Unless you're up on your Latin medieval alchemy, you're off the hook on that one. I caught up with custom LA custom sneaker designer and artist M. Johnai iDaniel to answer just that question along with a few more:

"Coni Oppo comes from the Latin medieval alchemy term coniunctio oppositorum which translated into english means the "conjunction of opposites." It is essentially the yoga of bringing the diversity of form into the One union, one God, one consciousness. Some new themes I am working on deal with figure drawings that embody the process and challenge of self-actualization...dealing with the theme of man's challenge to continually seek his divine nature out of a history of war, violence, anger, fear, and and the litany of all negative emotions."

Whoa. Heavy. My Chakra just flew out of my face. Mr. iDaniel is currently working on a couple of both good looking & socially responsible ventures. He's making custom sneakers for AUTONOMIE PROJECT, an organic and Fair Trade maker of shoes, apparel, and accessories. He's also working with a custom boardshorts company out of Santa Monica, CA launching in February, 2009 at SHORTOMATIC.

Check out more of Johnai's work CONI OPPO. (And in closing, Obama-llama-ding-dong.)