Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vans Mail Bag: Kyle Collis' Vans Collection

Kyle messaged me on Myspace today talking about having 30 pairs of Vans. I called him on it & asked him to see a picture of the collection. You know, I'm thinking maybe he has 8 pairs. He immediately sent me this photo of 24 pairs. Kyle was quick to say he didn't include his Half Cabs because he skates in them. I'm guessing maybe if you photograph them it steals their ah, sole? (Again this week with that joke? eh...)

Here's a little about Kyle:

"Kyle Collis, 16 Tampa, FL. Street spots and the skatepark just chill or sleep haha. I think i got my first pair of vans when i was 9 at the vans store in the mall because i thought they were cool. i have this sort of superstition about white soles and white laces with my shoes and a white shoelace belt hahaa. i dont even know really its kinda weird i just seem to land more tricks more steez and more consistant when i got the white soles n white laces. My friend/filmer Walter and me are working on a sponsor tape. it will probly be done by this summer."

Keep the bio short & sweet. Thanks for sharing the pics, Kyle. Nice to meet ya. Here's his myspace: HIS MYSPACE.