Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stacy Peralta Gets a Burned Whopper

It turns out that Stacy Peralta is right bummed on that whole Burger King project. Check the quote from an interview just up on Fuel:

"Yeah, the Whopper thing. I got completely burned on that thing. It’s been an uncomfortable situation. I am a documentarian. I document things. I was hired to document that idea, not be in it. They used me to present it as if it was my film, my idea. So I took a lot of heat from that. I asked them to remove me from it and they wouldn’t do it, so I will never work for that ad agency again."

Yo, but he got paaaaaaid so he could make this good looking film on gangs in LA...Made in America.

See the rest of his interview on burgers, gangs, and what's shaking with him next on SHANTI'S BLOG ON FUELLLL.