Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Skateboard Jive: 1970's Australian Lost Hit?

After, seriously, more than 1 hour of searching this song like crazy I feel pretty good saying that this is misty as fur on a toad. I ran across an image of a record on some random "AREA BUSINESS" directory. The record says, "The Mixtures. Skateboard Jive." More & more googling gave me this album for sale on a Norweigian site, SKROTNISSEN, but still no clip of the song. WTF? There are a couple of clips on you tube, but no Skateboard Jive. The best is The Push Bike Song by The Mixtures. May as well post that, too.

Does anyone else have this song? It's circa 1975. Come on! Somebody at Skate Daily has a crate of un-opened copies of this single that they are using as that one spot where you pile all your junk mail, right? This can't be the only song not available online about skating. Pretty funny little find, at any rate.