Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday Night is Alright

Saturday marked the official opening of Urban Outfitter's new project, Space 15 Twenty, in Hollywood. It's a pretty neat concept. They've re-worked old warehouse spaces, making multiple storefronts, a restaurant, and a performance space. Hope Gallery has a show up, Alife has a giant urinal in their store, Hennesey & Ingalls is there, We The Free, and What Comes Around Goes Around. Of course there's also the actual Urban which looks fantastic.

They gave us free tacos, too. We even ran into our good friend Oliver Peck. I'm sold.

After that, I headed to a scary abandoned part of downtown to a show FMLY was throwing. A bunch of bands were playing, but I made it in time to see FUNERAL PARTY.

Then, NINJASONIK played a combo set with JAPANTHER. What can I say about the show? Not only was it fun and everybody was jumping around all hyped, but also I have to say...everyone was nice. Yep. Everyone there. Weird. I guess that's what happens when people are having a good time, and they know they need at least 4 people to walk them to their car or they gonna get cut.

Thanks to Jared Eberhardt for letting me gank all these photos from his flickr. You can see the rest of his photos from the new Urban Outfitters & FMLY night on JARED'S PHOTOSTREAM.