Friday, December 12, 2008

Pop Deck: DIY Instant Fame & Fortune

...Well, maybe not, like, a ton of fame and fortune, but enough to get a high-five and pay some bills. If you're unfamiliar, Pop Deck is an online community where artists can upload skateboard designs and tee shirt designs. Subsequently, the designs are rated by fellow community members and the winning designs score $200 bucks & a free deck for the artist. Winning decks are manufactured in limited editions and sold in Pop Deck's online store. ANDREA from Colombia did this one.

I couldn't resist this dumb shirt from CALLEN in Australia.

Are any of the designs good? Yeah. Here are some of the winning decks currently up for sale.

If you want to enter a contest to win one of these decks, I found one you can enter until midnight on December 14th. Win a free Pop Deck at JOSH SPEAR.COM and look at POP DECK HOME HERE.