Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oslo Opera House is a Skate Park

Wired Magazine's December issue features a fantastic-looking Oslo Opera House that's skate friendly. Apparently, architects are paying attention to how skaters use their environment. The design of the opera house, which opened in April of this year, was influenced by skaters directly as the architects recruited a few of them to advise on their plans. "We spoke to them about surface textures and the areas they prefer," architect Simon Ewings says. Read the rest of the Wired post HERE.

At any rate, it's an interesting argument for skate appreciation outside of our circle. SKATE AND ANNOY wrote about the opera house a couple of weeks ago. It's worth taking a look at the comments on that post. There's good discussion on the pros and cons of considerations like these from architects including this one by Skate and Annoy reader, kvon, "The real fascination of classic “Street Skating” was to successfully ride something that was NOT designed for skating. A world designed by Grindline, though incredibly skateable might lack serendipity. However If architects study flow from great skateparks they might learn new things about human movement. The fact that this building was not designed by a skatepark company (maybe not designed for skating) but possibly with skateboarding in mind suggests an air of easter egg mystery. Intriguing! … and crowded!"