Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Comply Art Exhibition- Sydney, Australia

The No Comply Sydney show was supposed to go down in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, but had to be postponed due to some crazy construction next door. The upside is that they got to add a few more fantastic artists to the show. One more skateboard art show? Yeah, maybe, but it's way easier to paint on wood than canvas so hush up about it. Besides, the show is featuring new stuff from a bunch of talented guys like Vans Vault collaborator, JAHAN LOH from Leftfoot (deck directly above & below).

If you can't make it to Sydney for the opening, tentatively scheduled for Jan 9th, 2008, make sure you check out the No Comply site. It's chock full of info on all of the artists involved as well as photos of the work from the show. Please go here for all the info: NO COMPLY SITE. I've tacked on a couple of the other artists that I like here, too. (KAB101, The Yok, & Beastman.)