Monday, December 29, 2008

How to Paint Custom Vans from Wigga Trigga TV

Want a basic primer on how to start painting sneakers? Yesterday, I ran across a great tip vid from Jacob Patterson, a young guy just getting into the customs world. (He's got more painting tips on his youtube channel, Wigga Trigga TV.) It's not too long or boring. You'd be surprised how hard that combination is to find. I sent Jacob a few questions to find out exactly how he got into painting sneakers (and shit).

"Your company is actually the reason I started doing custom shoes. I have a friend, Daniel Lavender... He has been a sneaker fiend for as long as I can remember, and we've always discussed our obsession together. I've always loved art and liked shoes, and he's always loved shoes and liked art, so one day he clued me in on an underground culture involved in mixing the two genres via exposing me to I checked it out and was in awe. After gawking at works by artists such as emmanuelabor, SOLE JUNKIE, and MizzeeCustoms, I decided to try my hand at the art in October of 2007."

Seems like he's on a good roll. Fun fact: Jacob painted sneakers for Harry Potter cutie, Emma Watson. Here's his myspace if you want to see more of his work: JACOB PATTERSON.

Besides learning to paint on Vans, gangsta-ass Wigga Trigga Tv also inspired me to get a gangsta tattoo on my stomach. What do you guys think?

Just kidding. That's a pic Tony Stomolis sent me from his FREZNO book launch. It's just kinda awesome so I felt like posting it.