Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Frezno: Photo Book by Tony Stamolis

Like a lot of people that grow up in small towns, Tony Stamolis couldn't wait to get out of Fresno. He moved off to NYC and made a life. However, he found himself back there for a while as he took care of his ailing mother. During this time, he began documenting life around him. The absurd & awful & beautiful, Fresno.

He didn't give his town a break, that's for sure. He really didn't need to. In an interview Stamolis had with The Fader he says, "Everyone that’s seen the book tells me, That looks like my hometown. The images from the book are just sort of what goes on across suburban America, just a bunch of bored kids and people doing what they do."

Frezno is being released this month. If you're around Fresno, CA make sure to hit up the book release party December 13, 2008. Details are on the flyer below. If you're in the rest of the world, the book is available for purchase on Barnes & Noble and all them other jawns online.

For more info, read Tony's interview on THE FADER. It's pretty good.