Thursday, December 4, 2008

Buy The Hour, Buy The Week

Recently I was in Salt Lake City, UT (hanging out and eating turkey…being cold, and all that) and I happened to run into Josh Sheuerman a local artist/friend of friend. He was in the middle of taking down a show he’d done at a coffee shop. It was a really neat installation containing photos and paintings from the worst hotels in the city. Also, Josh had set up the café like crackhead hotel rooms. There were a couple of beds, scratchy towels, Gideon Bibles, and of course ashtrays. Insert artist statement here:

“I have been inspired by the Motels that are along State Street in Salt Lake City and motels in general in any large city, because they are the exact opposite of how the city wants to be projected. These places used to be fancy and flawless, but now are run down, condemned and are mostly the nucleus of bad nightly habits. Staying over night and creating art there, photographing and becoming a part of this world for a brief time while documenting the experience between buying rooms by the hour or buy the week. “

It turns out that Josh is also a big Vans guy and has been for about 15 years. Here's a painting of his collection. That's some serious over-the-mantle material. I just need a mantle.

You can see more of Josh’s work on HIS SITE or catch his work in person all around SLC for the next 3 months at Porcupine Pub & Park Café.