Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Comply Art Exhibition- Sydney, Australia

The No Comply Sydney show was supposed to go down in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, but had to be postponed due to some crazy construction next door. The upside is that they got to add a few more fantastic artists to the show. One more skateboard art show? Yeah, maybe, but it's way easier to paint on wood than canvas so hush up about it. Besides, the show is featuring new stuff from a bunch of talented guys like Vans Vault collaborator, JAHAN LOH from Leftfoot (deck directly above & below).

If you can't make it to Sydney for the opening, tentatively scheduled for Jan 9th, 2008, make sure you check out the No Comply site. It's chock full of info on all of the artists involved as well as photos of the work from the show. Please go here for all the info: NO COMPLY SITE. I've tacked on a couple of the other artists that I like here, too. (KAB101, The Yok, & Beastman.)

Monday, December 29, 2008

How to Paint Custom Vans from Wigga Trigga TV

Want a basic primer on how to start painting sneakers? Yesterday, I ran across a great tip vid from Jacob Patterson, a young guy just getting into the customs world. (He's got more painting tips on his youtube channel, Wigga Trigga TV.) It's not too long or boring. You'd be surprised how hard that combination is to find. I sent Jacob a few questions to find out exactly how he got into painting sneakers (and shit).

"Your company is actually the reason I started doing custom shoes. I have a friend, Daniel Lavender... He has been a sneaker fiend for as long as I can remember, and we've always discussed our obsession together. I've always loved art and liked shoes, and he's always loved shoes and liked art, so one day he clued me in on an underground culture involved in mixing the two genres via exposing me to I checked it out and was in awe. After gawking at works by artists such as emmanuelabor, SOLE JUNKIE, and MizzeeCustoms, I decided to try my hand at the art in October of 2007."

Seems like he's on a good roll. Fun fact: Jacob painted sneakers for Harry Potter cutie, Emma Watson. Here's his myspace if you want to see more of his work: JACOB PATTERSON.

Besides learning to paint on Vans, gangsta-ass Wigga Trigga Tv also inspired me to get a gangsta tattoo on my stomach. What do you guys think?

Just kidding. That's a pic Tony Stomolis sent me from his FREZNO book launch. It's just kinda awesome so I felt like posting it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Counterfeit Kicks: Vanerns, You Say?

Suzy Kassem from uncovered these fantastical wonderments of wonder. Vanerns. Yep, genuine 100% authentic Vanerns. She also ran into a guy in Cairo, Egypt who guarantees that all of the sneakers in his shop are the real thing....Nike, Adidas, whatever you want. Anything for $12 bucks. Read Suzy's article on kooky knockoffs HERE. It's some funny stuff.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Cartoon x Estevan Oriol x Brian Grazer film

As the title subtly suggests, the guys at caught up with artist Mr. Cartoon recently putting together an interesting interview. Fun Facts from the interview? He was the youngest artist to work for Hustler Magazine back in the day. (Really?) He also alludes to the film he's working on with his bro, Estevan Oriol, photographer of our Iconoclasts campaign. They put together a trailer in 2006 and have now paired with big deal producer, Brian Grazer, for a feature. (Grazer produced Frost/Nixon, The DaVinci Code, A Beautiful Mind and gets his core credit as executive producer on Bra Boys.) IMDB lists the Oriol/Mr Cartoon film project, aptly called Inked, as "in development." In the interview, Mr. Cartoon hints that we will see more from Inked in 2009. I found this nugget with Oriol, Grazer, & friends out for a nice little Saturday on JAEBUENO'S BLOG.

See the rest of the interview with Mr. Cartoon on PRETTY DAMN DOPE.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stacy Peralta Gets a Burned Whopper

It turns out that Stacy Peralta is right bummed on that whole Burger King project. Check the quote from an interview just up on Fuel:

"Yeah, the Whopper thing. I got completely burned on that thing. It’s been an uncomfortable situation. I am a documentarian. I document things. I was hired to document that idea, not be in it. They used me to present it as if it was my film, my idea. So I took a lot of heat from that. I asked them to remove me from it and they wouldn’t do it, so I will never work for that ad agency again."

Yo, but he got paaaaaaid so he could make this good looking film on gangs in LA...Made in America.

See the rest of his interview on burgers, gangs, and what's shaking with him next on SHANTI'S BLOG ON FUELLLL.

Vans Mail Bag: Kyle Collis' Vans Collection

Kyle messaged me on Myspace today talking about having 30 pairs of Vans. I called him on it & asked him to see a picture of the collection. You know, I'm thinking maybe he has 8 pairs. He immediately sent me this photo of 24 pairs. Kyle was quick to say he didn't include his Half Cabs because he skates in them. I'm guessing maybe if you photograph them it steals their ah, sole? (Again this week with that joke? eh...)

Here's a little about Kyle:

"Kyle Collis, 16 Tampa, FL. Street spots and the skatepark just chill or sleep haha. I think i got my first pair of vans when i was 9 at the vans store in the mall because i thought they were cool. i have this sort of superstition about white soles and white laces with my shoes and a white shoelace belt hahaa. i dont even know really its kinda weird i just seem to land more tricks more steez and more consistant when i got the white soles n white laces. My friend/filmer Walter and me are working on a sponsor tape. it will probly be done by this summer."

Keep the bio short & sweet. Thanks for sharing the pics, Kyle. Nice to meet ya. Here's his myspace: HIS MYSPACE.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Skateboard Jive: 1970's Australian Lost Hit?

After, seriously, more than 1 hour of searching this song like crazy I feel pretty good saying that this is misty as fur on a toad. I ran across an image of a record on some random "AREA BUSINESS" directory. The record says, "The Mixtures. Skateboard Jive." More & more googling gave me this album for sale on a Norweigian site, SKROTNISSEN, but still no clip of the song. WTF? There are a couple of clips on you tube, but no Skateboard Jive. The best is The Push Bike Song by The Mixtures. May as well post that, too.

Does anyone else have this song? It's circa 1975. Come on! Somebody at Skate Daily has a crate of un-opened copies of this single that they are using as that one spot where you pile all your junk mail, right? This can't be the only song not available online about skating. Pretty funny little find, at any rate.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stacy Peralta & Whopper Virgins

Have you guys seen the Whopper Virgins Commercials from Burger King? Turns out it's a project by none other than Stacy Peralta and Burger King's ad agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Fuel TV wrote a well-rounded article on what has turned out to be a fairly controversial "documentary." Take a look at their write up here: STACY PERALTA- SELL OUT OR BRILLIANT?

What do you guys think? (Other than, "I think this is the longest trailer in history." or "She blogged about food two days in a row WTF.") P.S. I have never in my life eaten a Whopper, nor a Big Mac.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Van's Waffle Soul

Not to be confused with Vans' Waffle Sole, Van's Waffles have been word up in the all-natural breakfast delicacy corner for the past 40 years. Way back when Pilue Van Dam first whipped up her Belgian waffles for New York's World's Fair, people were all like, "Yo, these shits is tight." And then Pilue was all, "Fo' Reals? I better box 'em and sell 'em." So she did. Yay! I love breakfast. Um, so Pilue basically invented breakfast.

Now, a long time in the future Van's Waffles is still making the waffles that are good for you. I just figured it was about time to address Van's Waffles and air out this whole competition. I mean, cause it happens to me all the time...when I'll be on the phone or something and I'll say, "Hey, this is Nikki from Vans." And the person I'm talking to will respond with, "Oh! The waffles! I've been meaning to hit you up for a box!" (Wait. That doesn't happen.)


Friday, December 12, 2008

Pop Deck: DIY Instant Fame & Fortune

...Well, maybe not, like, a ton of fame and fortune, but enough to get a high-five and pay some bills. If you're unfamiliar, Pop Deck is an online community where artists can upload skateboard designs and tee shirt designs. Subsequently, the designs are rated by fellow community members and the winning designs score $200 bucks & a free deck for the artist. Winning decks are manufactured in limited editions and sold in Pop Deck's online store. ANDREA from Colombia did this one.

I couldn't resist this dumb shirt from CALLEN in Australia.

Are any of the designs good? Yeah. Here are some of the winning decks currently up for sale.

If you want to enter a contest to win one of these decks, I found one you can enter until midnight on December 14th. Win a free Pop Deck at JOSH SPEAR.COM and look at POP DECK HOME HERE.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Epic Sharpie Battle Between Man & Monster

Here's something I haven't seen before...a stop-motion animation on a pair of Vans. There's a short moment where the artist isn't just drawing a design or something. He actually makes the little guy on one shoe zap the monster on the other. This needs a follow up. Come on guys. More animated shoe cartoon battles, please.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday Night is Alright

Saturday marked the official opening of Urban Outfitter's new project, Space 15 Twenty, in Hollywood. It's a pretty neat concept. They've re-worked old warehouse spaces, making multiple storefronts, a restaurant, and a performance space. Hope Gallery has a show up, Alife has a giant urinal in their store, Hennesey & Ingalls is there, We The Free, and What Comes Around Goes Around. Of course there's also the actual Urban which looks fantastic.

They gave us free tacos, too. We even ran into our good friend Oliver Peck. I'm sold.

After that, I headed to a scary abandoned part of downtown to a show FMLY was throwing. A bunch of bands were playing, but I made it in time to see FUNERAL PARTY.

Then, NINJASONIK played a combo set with JAPANTHER. What can I say about the show? Not only was it fun and everybody was jumping around all hyped, but also I have to say...everyone was nice. Yep. Everyone there. Weird. I guess that's what happens when people are having a good time, and they know they need at least 4 people to walk them to their car or they gonna get cut.

Thanks to Jared Eberhardt for letting me gank all these photos from his flickr. You can see the rest of his photos from the new Urban Outfitters & FMLY night on JARED'S PHOTOSTREAM.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Custom Vans by Leo Espinosa

I don't know how I've managed to miss these lil' beauties for the last couple of months. Artist/designer Leo Espinosa posted these on his blog in October as part of a custom Vans show in Detroit called "Recollect-Dead." (It was a sneaker show blending the Day of the Dead with Halloween.) Anyway.....these are impressive. The translation?

"The Dead dreams of you / The Dead sings to you / The Dead rocks you / The Dead is in love with your heart."

OOoOOoOoO! This poster goes along with the shoes.

Of course I had to find out more about this artist. Turns out...he's kinda baller. Leo's done work for Wired, The New York Times, Swatch...too many to name. Further, he & his wife, Laura Jaffe Espinosa, joined forces in 2004 to create Studio Espinosa. Besides doing work for Coke, Hasbro and a slew of brands these guys just released a children's book called Otis & Rae.

ANNNNNDDD they sold a saturday morning cartoon to CBS called Sushi Pack (about a gang of sushi who are not only delicious but also super heroes) which is in its 2nd season.

Jeez. That's a buttload of info. (Is that one word or hyphenated? butt-load? butt load?) Find out more about STUDIO ESPINOSA HERE.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Buy The Hour, Buy The Week

Recently I was in Salt Lake City, UT (hanging out and eating turkey…being cold, and all that) and I happened to run into Josh Sheuerman a local artist/friend of friend. He was in the middle of taking down a show he’d done at a coffee shop. It was a really neat installation containing photos and paintings from the worst hotels in the city. Also, Josh had set up the café like crackhead hotel rooms. There were a couple of beds, scratchy towels, Gideon Bibles, and of course ashtrays. Insert artist statement here:

“I have been inspired by the Motels that are along State Street in Salt Lake City and motels in general in any large city, because they are the exact opposite of how the city wants to be projected. These places used to be fancy and flawless, but now are run down, condemned and are mostly the nucleus of bad nightly habits. Staying over night and creating art there, photographing and becoming a part of this world for a brief time while documenting the experience between buying rooms by the hour or buy the week. “

It turns out that Josh is also a big Vans guy and has been for about 15 years. Here's a painting of his collection. That's some serious over-the-mantle material. I just need a mantle.

You can see more of Josh’s work on HIS SITE or catch his work in person all around SLC for the next 3 months at Porcupine Pub & Park Café.