Thursday, November 20, 2008

Viva Vivona! He's Making Art More Better.

SF/LA based artist Jason Vivona doesn't dress like King Diamond everyday, however, dudes who come up with an excuse to dress like that once a year are alright in my book. Fortunately for us Jason had a few minutes to catch up on his life, his best friends getting hitched, some Vans, & some art.

"I feel weird, but I have a pretty personal attachment to Vans as an icon in my past. Tons of sentimental value and other things...Anyhow, I have always skated in the boat shoe lowtops and loved them. So much so that I even salvage ones from my friends who don't wear their shoes down at all really, and I recycle them and skate in them. "

"I moved to santa rosa recently... and moved in with my best friends, Kerri Valentine and Matthew Izen... When I got here, they decided to get married. I distinctly remember Matthew buying a pair of black slip ons and saving them forever in prep for the wedding. It was all based on our group history with Vans and how they have been a presence in all our lives for so long."

According to his bio, Jason's art can be seen on "numerous skateboards, album covers, magazine pages and city walls." Oh, modesty! I don't have that. I'm great! Aaaanyway...or you can link to HIS FLICKR.

Vivona has a show coming up in April at BreezeBlock Gallery in Portland, OR with Jared Powell and Joe Leonard. He's also working on The Rescued Record Project. What? Recycling and painting on hundreds of discarded 12" records. The Rescued Record Project is a collaborative effort with artists Joe Leonard, Jared Powell, Todd Bratrud, Mike Aho, Trish Grantham, Loren Butcharte, Brian Henderson, and more. A group show & charity benefit will be the end result so look for updates and more info about that on JASON VIVONA'S MYSPACE or HIS BLOG.