Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Totally LMFAO.

Humor me while I tell you a story. Around Christmas of last year two guys walked up to my friend Anna outside of Jimmy's in Hollywood. Introducing themselves as LMFAO, they gave her a free CD. Our gang did not know what to make of this album. Were they serious? Kinda, but not really. And come on, LMFAO? Self-aware sarcasm is mad hipster. Tripledouble bluff? Who cares? A year, two, skip-a-few and LMFAO are playing shows all over the left coast.

I like these guys. Their music is fun for fun's sake with attitude somewhere between Plastic Little and L'Trimm. Their videos all look like home movies. Probably because they are. In the "Yes" video they pass the camera to each other while driving their own car.

One of their most played tracks, "I'm in Miami, Bitch," has scored 2 million plays on Myspace. Not too shabby. Vans even gets a shout out on that track, "I'm rocking Vans. I'm in the sand." I'm like, "Yes." Get up in their business here: LMFAO MYSPACE.