Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Skate or Die! First Skate Video Game? Nope!

Skate or Die was released in 1988 by EA Games for the Commodore 64 gaming system as well as Amstrad CPC, Apple IIgs, DOS, and ZX. I don't even know what that means besides...old as dirt. Wow. Awesome! Konami! It's listed in all the gamer networks as the first skateboard video game. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Alright, now flash forward to Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. Twenty years later...see what you get? Ah the speed of tech.

Correction: Chris from SKATEDAILY.NET was nice enough to set me straight on this one & sent a link to a really neat article on the history of skate gaming. Turns out that Skate or Die isn't really the first skate game for at-home play. It was Skateboardin' on the Atari 2600. Furthermore, according to GameSpot, the absolute first skateboard game made for arcade play was 720 by Atari. Read the whole post here: GAMESPOT HISTORY OF SKATEBOARD GAMES.. Thanks again, Chris!