Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama's Secretary of the Treasury Shreds?

Of course he does. The buzz surrounding Obama's choice of Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, has been all over the place for a few days. We all have questions about this guy. Does he know how to fix stuff? Does he know how to fix the money stuff, specifically? However, the foremost topics on the minds of my associates would be something along these lines, "Yeah, but can he kickflip? What if he's a longboarder?" We have women, black guys, skaters in the White House? Next thing you know Obama's going to appoint someone who has a band. (Oh, wait. Wilco's on deck.)

According to THE ECONOMIST, "He skateboards and snowboards and exudes a sort of hipster-wonkiness, using “way” as a synonym for “very” as in “way consequential” and occasionally underlining his point with the word “fuck”."

Thanks to JAY YARROW & HIS BLOG for beating me to the punch this morning, and supplying the photo of Tim shredding.