Thursday, November 6, 2008

Neckface: The World Famous-The Fives

I've been slacking on checking Crailtap lately, but that's ok. If I don't check it for a a while it's awesome because I get all cracked up and start passing it around to people and they are all, "Yeah, I saw that. It was funny a long time ago when I saw that for the first time." So on that note, Vans collaborator and breaker-of -shit, Neckface, threw down some seriously funny lists for Crailtap's Fives column. Here's a snippet:

Top 5 junk foods
1. 99 cent bag of Doritos with melted nacho cheese in the bag
2. Bean n Cheese burrito from 7-11 sliced open and stuffed with hot Cheetos
3. Peppered beef jerky
4. Bag of pepperoni with limejuice in it
5. Hot Cheetos

Top 5 things about being anonymous
1. Me and batman have something in common
2. Going shopping for new masks
3. People think that my face is naturally blurry
4. Starting rumors about yourself to fans
5. Being voted 2004's Village Voice's Best Anonymous Sex Symbol (wtf?)

Top 5 ways to bum out chicks
1. Tell them they're fat
2. Tell them you're sister died
3. Puke on them
4. Bark like a dog at them
5. Buy them 6 drinks all at once and have the bar tender tell them they're from you

There's a lot more to the column HEEEERRRREEEE.