Monday, November 10, 2008

The History of Skateboard Sneakers

Sneaker Freaker has pulled together an extensive collection of skate shoe memorabilia in a two-part feature on the history of skateboard sneakers from 1960-1985. Many of the best gems belong to a collector/skater named Tony Hallam and to Jurgen and Daniel (founders of the skateboard museum in Stuttgart). The mini-interviews with Stacy Peralta, Steve Alba, and other folks that really know their stuff ain't bad either.

It's an informative article, bringing to light brands from way back like Sparx, Hobie, Wilson, and Mahaka, who were in the skate shoe game early on. Then it moves on to brands like Vision, Pro-Keds, Nike, Puma, Airwalk, and of course Vans...who we all know & love. I had to get that in there didn't I?

Read it heee-ur: SNEAKER FREAKER.