Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Death Set are like Enya. Just Kidding.

To quote Johnny Siera from the band when asked about their music he replied, "High-energy spazzing for a short period of time." Yeah, that covers it. Originally from Australia, the guys are posting up between Baltimore and Brooklyn when not on the road. However, since they have been touring non-stop forever, I'm sure you'll see them soon. Currently, they are running around Europe screaming, sweating and smashing shit.

Going to see them is definitely an experience. People go crazy. I almost got into a fight at one this past summer which equals totally absurd since (a) I have never been in a fight and (2) the most I ever argue about is something like, "Dude get off me about Neil Young. He sucks." Mirroring the same experience, my friend Phil tried to smash the guys in the band with a full beer after they threw a cymbal and hit his girl in the head. Whoa. HA! Great. Live. Show. Their full-length album is out now on Ninjatune.

If you want to be sneaky and see the high-res of their new video before it's on youtube look HERE.

PS. Phil is still angry about aforementioned incident so don't bring it up the embals-say and eer-bay an-cay.