Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being 17 is Kool-Aid to the Rescue.

From the heart of Steinbeck country, Ariel Mar is doing what many art kids do so well: getting really good at making stuff so you can ditch P.E. Word up. Tom Joad dance party in room 112.

"I guess the basics are that I'm seventeen and now in my Senior year of High School. I live in Salinas, California... it's pretty trendy over here and after painting on a pair of white vans that I had laying around my house and for myself, the idea blew up and all sorts of people started hitting me up. I'm pretty lazy so I only end up painting a few here and there sometimes and they always end up just being gifts for friends. Also art gets me out of things I don't want to do at school like running a lap in P.E, instead I get to work on display cases and design senior sweatshirts. Umm, I guess it would be cool for you to know that I am trying to pursue art as a possible career choice, majoring in illustration would be the dream. Maybe commercial advertising or something like that, who knows?"

Oh yeah, and make me some Kool-Aid Man shoes! Since when did drinking soft drink mix stop being good for you? I call BS on that. Kool-Aid man breaks through walls he's so strong off 'a that stuff. Commission some shoes from Ariel and help her out with the college fund. You know you rich: ARIEL ON MYSPACE.