Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Skate or Die! First Skate Video Game? Nope!

Skate or Die was released in 1988 by EA Games for the Commodore 64 gaming system as well as Amstrad CPC, Apple IIgs, DOS, and ZX. I don't even know what that means besides...old as dirt. Wow. Awesome! Konami! It's listed in all the gamer networks as the first skateboard video game. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Alright, now flash forward to Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. Twenty years later...see what you get? Ah the speed of tech.

Correction: Chris from SKATEDAILY.NET was nice enough to set me straight on this one & sent a link to a really neat article on the history of skate gaming. Turns out that Skate or Die isn't really the first skate game for at-home play. It was Skateboardin' on the Atari 2600. Furthermore, according to GameSpot, the absolute first skateboard game made for arcade play was 720 by Atari. Read the whole post here: GAMESPOT HISTORY OF SKATEBOARD GAMES.. Thanks again, Chris!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiny Pony + Travis Barker= Custom Vans

Jessica Taylor rides around with tiny ponies in her car, makes fan drawings of Travis Barker, goes to art school...what else? She paints custom Vans. Wait, excuse me. She's from Santa Cruz, CA. She paints hella custom Vans. Here's a little more about Jessica straight from the horse's mouth (oops!):

"I have been drawing since I was really young and at the age of 14 I got more serious about it. In 2005 I graduated from high school and since then have been working part time and attending Cabrillo College part time for an art degree.( Although I really have no idea what I will do with it!)"

"I am also very interested in tattooing and might decide to take up an apprenticeship in the near future. I just recently started painting about a year ago and have gotten more into the whole color thing. I am a varied artist; I don’t like to stick to one subject or medium, although I’d have to say portraits and tattoo styled artworks would be my favorite."

"As for the custom Vans, one of my boyfriend’s friends had asked me to paint up a pair for him one day and they came out pretty cool, after that I was hooked! I started buying my own to paint up and people were really interested in them. I have also done a couple hats and want to start on some clothing. For now I mainly use my Myspace page to get my art around, but a website will be in the works soon and hopefully a small business for my art and custom apparel!"

I thought she said she didn't know what she wanted to do with that degree? Sounds like she does after all. Duh, make art. If you're interested in hitting her up for some shoes TRY HER MYSPACE. YAHHHHHH!!!!

And here's another tiny pony for you...just because.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama's Secretary of the Treasury Shreds?

Of course he does. The buzz surrounding Obama's choice of Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, has been all over the place for a few days. We all have questions about this guy. Does he know how to fix stuff? Does he know how to fix the money stuff, specifically? However, the foremost topics on the minds of my associates would be something along these lines, "Yeah, but can he kickflip? What if he's a longboarder?" We have women, black guys, skaters in the White House? Next thing you know Obama's going to appoint someone who has a band. (Oh, wait. Wilco's on deck.)

According to THE ECONOMIST, "He skateboards and snowboards and exudes a sort of hipster-wonkiness, using “way” as a synonym for “very” as in “way consequential” and occasionally underlining his point with the word “fuck”."

Thanks to JAY YARROW & HIS BLOG for beating me to the punch this morning, and supplying the photo of Tim shredding.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Viva Vivona! He's Making Art More Better.

SF/LA based artist Jason Vivona doesn't dress like King Diamond everyday, however, dudes who come up with an excuse to dress like that once a year are alright in my book. Fortunately for us Jason had a few minutes to catch up on his life, his best friends getting hitched, some Vans, & some art.

"I feel weird, but I have a pretty personal attachment to Vans as an icon in my past. Tons of sentimental value and other things...Anyhow, I have always skated in the boat shoe lowtops and loved them. So much so that I even salvage ones from my friends who don't wear their shoes down at all really, and I recycle them and skate in them. "

"I moved to santa rosa recently... and moved in with my best friends, Kerri Valentine and Matthew Izen... When I got here, they decided to get married. I distinctly remember Matthew buying a pair of black slip ons and saving them forever in prep for the wedding. It was all based on our group history with Vans and how they have been a presence in all our lives for so long."

According to his bio, Jason's art can be seen on "numerous skateboards, album covers, magazine pages and city walls." Oh, modesty! I don't have that. I'm great! Aaaanyway...or you can link to HIS FLICKR.

Vivona has a show coming up in April at BreezeBlock Gallery in Portland, OR with Jared Powell and Joe Leonard. He's also working on The Rescued Record Project. What? Recycling and painting on hundreds of discarded 12" records. The Rescued Record Project is a collaborative effort with artists Joe Leonard, Jared Powell, Todd Bratrud, Mike Aho, Trish Grantham, Loren Butcharte, Brian Henderson, and more. A group show & charity benefit will be the end result so look for updates and more info about that on JASON VIVONA'S MYSPACE or HIS BLOG.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Death Set are like Enya. Just Kidding.

To quote Johnny Siera from the band when asked about their music he replied, "High-energy spazzing for a short period of time." Yeah, that covers it. Originally from Australia, the guys are posting up between Baltimore and Brooklyn when not on the road. However, since they have been touring non-stop forever, I'm sure you'll see them soon. Currently, they are running around Europe screaming, sweating and smashing shit.

Going to see them is definitely an experience. People go crazy. I almost got into a fight at one this past summer which equals totally absurd since (a) I have never been in a fight and (2) the most I ever argue about is something like, "Dude get off me about Neil Young. He sucks." Mirroring the same experience, my friend Phil tried to smash the guys in the band with a full beer after they threw a cymbal and hit his girl in the head. Whoa. HA! Great. Live. Show. Their full-length album is out now on Ninjatune.

If you want to be sneaky and see the high-res of their new video before it's on youtube look HERE.

PS. Phil is still angry about aforementioned incident so don't bring it up the embals-say and eer-bay an-cay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sons of Nero

Senses Fail, A Static Lullaby, Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, Bring the Horizon, and Every Time I Die are just a few bands that Vans has worked with in the punk/hardcore genre. Besides that, these bands also share a common art collective who comes up with all of those snazzy & bloody covers. Meet Sons of Nero Design Studio from the Dirty Jers.

Currently they have a show up at Metropolis Gallery in Lancaster, PA along with scoring a feature in AP Mag last month, and rounding it all out with a post on Juxtapoz. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at concept meetings with these guys...

Son of Nero Artist #1: I'm miserable & feel hollow inside. Like my guts just fell out...that's how emotionally distraught I am.
Son of Nero Artist #2: Score! That's it! The pitch for the Bring Me the Horizon album! Alright. Who wants WaWa for lunch?

Get info on their gallery show and see the extensive roster of talent they work with here:SONS OF NERO.

Monday, November 17, 2008

DIY DYE or I Am Dyeing to Know.

D-Bot filmed a step-by-step quick tutorial on how to dye your Vans in a bucket. Ingredients? RIT dye+bucket+gloves+shoes. Easy enough. Too bad the first thing I think of is some poor old sad shoes on their death bed. Oh, what a world! What a woooorld!

I couldn't embed the video, but here's the link: DIY Vans Dyeing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Classic Skate Film, Sick Boys, Re-Released

While reading my daily BOARDISTAN, I learned that Sick Boys, originally released by Mack Dawg in 1988, will be at last making it to DVD this month. The classic skate film features Natas Kaupas, Julien Stranger, Bryce Kanights, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Jim Theibaud, Ron Allen, Mike Archimedes, Mickey Reyes, and Tommy Guerrero. All footage was shot on super 8 back in the day, apparently, when Mack Dawg had nothing but a camera on a stick. New bonus footage on the DVD includes interviews with many of the guys 20 years fatter...I mean later. (KIDDING! Gah guys, let me have one joke.) Seriously though, Jim Theibaud's interview clips were fantastic. Nearly brought a tear to my eye. Here's one of the teasers...

Sick Boys 1988 from Bryce Kanights on Vimeo.

Skate & Annoy wrote a great post about the film yesterday. Check it out HERE. Look for updates on where/when you can get the film on the SICK BOYS SITE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey Nerds. I'M A PC Syntax Deck.

To all you IT/developer/World of Warcraft guys that still gotta keep it real & skate or die... GET THAT DECK HERE.

Interview with Vans Iconoclast: Colette's Sarah Lerfel

If you haven't heard of Sarah, you've probably been effected by her. She's the creative director and buyer for Paris boutique Colette; arguably one of the coolest stores in the world. Currently, you can see her on Vans billboards, posters, and in magazines since she's featured in our Vans Iconoclast campaign. Here's an interview with Sarah by the International Herald Tribune. The clip also gives a good look at the newly designed store.

Thanks to Hypebeast via High Snobiety for the tip. MORE COLETTE HERE.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Totally LMFAO.

Humor me while I tell you a story. Around Christmas of last year two guys walked up to my friend Anna outside of Jimmy's in Hollywood. Introducing themselves as LMFAO, they gave her a free CD. Our gang did not know what to make of this album. Were they serious? Kinda, but not really. And come on, LMFAO? Self-aware sarcasm is mad hipster. Tripledouble bluff? Who cares? A year, two, skip-a-few and LMFAO are playing shows all over the left coast.

I like these guys. Their music is fun for fun's sake with attitude somewhere between Plastic Little and L'Trimm. Their videos all look like home movies. Probably because they are. In the "Yes" video they pass the camera to each other while driving their own car.

One of their most played tracks, "I'm in Miami, Bitch," has scored 2 million plays on Myspace. Not too shabby. Vans even gets a shout out on that track, "I'm rocking Vans. I'm in the sand." I'm like, "Yes." Get up in their business here: LMFAO MYSPACE.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The History of Skateboard Sneakers

Sneaker Freaker has pulled together an extensive collection of skate shoe memorabilia in a two-part feature on the history of skateboard sneakers from 1960-1985. Many of the best gems belong to a collector/skater named Tony Hallam and to Jurgen and Daniel (founders of the skateboard museum in Stuttgart). The mini-interviews with Stacy Peralta, Steve Alba, and other folks that really know their stuff ain't bad either.

It's an informative article, bringing to light brands from way back like Sparx, Hobie, Wilson, and Mahaka, who were in the skate shoe game early on. Then it moves on to brands like Vision, Pro-Keds, Nike, Puma, Airwalk, and of course Vans...who we all know & love. I had to get that in there didn't I?

Read it heee-ur: SNEAKER FREAKER.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Neckface: The World Famous-The Fives

I've been slacking on checking Crailtap lately, but that's ok. If I don't check it for a a while it's awesome because I get all cracked up and start passing it around to people and they are all, "Yeah, I saw that. It was funny a long time ago when I saw that for the first time." So on that note, Vans collaborator and breaker-of -shit, Neckface, threw down some seriously funny lists for Crailtap's Fives column. Here's a snippet:

Top 5 junk foods
1. 99 cent bag of Doritos with melted nacho cheese in the bag
2. Bean n Cheese burrito from 7-11 sliced open and stuffed with hot Cheetos
3. Peppered beef jerky
4. Bag of pepperoni with limejuice in it
5. Hot Cheetos

Top 5 things about being anonymous
1. Me and batman have something in common
2. Going shopping for new masks
3. People think that my face is naturally blurry
4. Starting rumors about yourself to fans
5. Being voted 2004's Village Voice's Best Anonymous Sex Symbol (wtf?)

Top 5 ways to bum out chicks
1. Tell them they're fat
2. Tell them you're sister died
3. Puke on them
4. Bark like a dog at them
5. Buy them 6 drinks all at once and have the bar tender tell them they're from you

There's a lot more to the column HEEEERRRREEEE.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Being 17 is Kool-Aid to the Rescue.

From the heart of Steinbeck country, Ariel Mar is doing what many art kids do so well: getting really good at making stuff so you can ditch P.E. Word up. Tom Joad dance party in room 112.

"I guess the basics are that I'm seventeen and now in my Senior year of High School. I live in Salinas, California... it's pretty trendy over here and after painting on a pair of white vans that I had laying around my house and for myself, the idea blew up and all sorts of people started hitting me up. I'm pretty lazy so I only end up painting a few here and there sometimes and they always end up just being gifts for friends. Also art gets me out of things I don't want to do at school like running a lap in P.E, instead I get to work on display cases and design senior sweatshirts. Umm, I guess it would be cool for you to know that I am trying to pursue art as a possible career choice, majoring in illustration would be the dream. Maybe commercial advertising or something like that, who knows?"

Oh yeah, and make me some Kool-Aid Man shoes! Since when did drinking soft drink mix stop being good for you? I call BS on that. Kool-Aid man breaks through walls he's so strong off 'a that stuff. Commission some shoes from Ariel and help her out with the college fund. You know you rich: ARIEL ON MYSPACE.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vans are Bootie Shakers on the Swiss Army Catwalk.

Nylon Mag for guys spotted custom spray painted Vans on the runway for designer Pierre-Henri Mattout at Victorinox. Mattout's collection is launching with Spring 2009, and the word on the street is that the clothes are looking pretty good. Yes, Swiss Army clothes. Not Knives. Nylon didn't share any shots of the apparel collection, however they did point out the following,"Pierre himself spent the prior day spray painting classic traditional Vans. Totally made the looks stand out and totally made me go out and buy some spray paint and plain white Era Vans."

Sashay, Shontay! (Shontay! Shontay! Shontay!) Check out the rest of the post on NYLON FOR GUYS BLOG. Also, learn more about Pierre-Henri Mattout and his plans for Swiss Army on DNR.