Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Slide: A Snowboard Photo Book by Rob Mathis

This book came out in July, but hey... what can I say? I'm getting pumped for winter. (It's 98 degrees today, and I'm calling bullshit on LA for that right now.) The book canvases a large swath of contemporary snowboarding pictorial history, starting around the mid-nineties and sailing on through today, as shot by photographer Rob Mathis. Vans pro rider Darrell Mathes scores more than a few great spreads in there.

Other highlights include what Devun Walsh looked like after he got his teeth knocked out and tons of photos from The Resistance days. Go to Rob's site to get the book and check out other neato projects he's working on: ROB MATHIS DOT COM.


BoBo696 said...

This is so sick! I cant wait for the snow!

gwadzilla said...

I just got this book today!


great photos
great time capsule