Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ReCycleZombie: Fat Guy on a Curb.

Our friend Daniel spotted Black Label's John Lucero skating the bejesus out of this curb on CYCLE ZOMBIES. I felt the need to repost & elaborate a bit. Here's an excerpt from an old interview with Lucero on TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING which explains why you should care about this vid (if you don't know).

"TWS: Who on Earth are we to thank for helping us see that if we could slide better and farther, we would have more fun and progress faster? That debt belongs to a good man named John Lucero, one of the godfathers of street skating and the owner of Black Label skateboards.

“JL: Well, it all started with this one red candle around ‘78,” says John. “We’d been skating the GEMCO shopping center curbs way before then. We already knew how to do boardslides in pools, and they were always in the magazines. We knew that we wanted to do them on curbs, and this was before rails (board, not hand) had been invented. My friend Hago’s mom had this big red candle, and we thought maybe curbs would slide better if we rubbed wax on them. Lo and behold, it worked!"

Ok, now I'll open up the comments who want to argue the claims made by TWS in 2005. However, you must be at least 30 for your opinion to count.