Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Kid Stays in the Picture

15 year-old Alec Pugliese from Pasedena, Maryland thinks he'd like to be a photographer some day. I think he's got a pretty good chance at success and not just because he's got talent. He also has that lovely combination of naivety and resourcefulness. Alec dug around online until he found someone from Vans' email. Then he sent in a photo. Eventually it arrived in the right place. Nah, unfortunately we won't be able to use the photo in an ad as he was hoping, but dang, kid. Way to go straight for what you're after.

Here's more from Alec:

"i work under the name Alecography (its like a company of sorts) and iv shot 2 skate teams (team envy and team volterra) thier both local and im friends with most of the riders so its not realy a that photo the rider is spencer hare from volterra and it was a small kickflip at a local skate spot behind our lauers supermarket. i skate..but im not that good at all but its so addicting i wanna skate everyday...i love to make somthing out of nothing turningsomthing simpleninto somthing skatable is like a form of art to me and it takes a good eye and a good imagination to skate and skate well..."

Sounds good to me. You can get in touch with Alec through his myspace ALECOGRAPHY. I'm sure we'll be seeing more great photos from him soon.


Bethany :]] said...

oh alec! [hes my sisters boyfriendd]what a silly boy!but hes good at taking pictures and being cool and stuff.hes pretty boss:]

Spencer said...

Alec is a great photograper, unfortunatly the trick is not, my bad though. Better coming soon!

Anonymous said...

woooweee what a boshoggin' feller wee got er hans on

Nick Z said...

Alec is mad good at what he does, most off my friends he takes pictures for turn out amazing!