Monday, October 13, 2008

Jackie Sepulveda: Desperado, Almost-Psychologist, Maker of Things.

Jackie Sepulveda had all the intentions of becoming a Psychologist. She even went a step farther than intent...snagging her degree. Then she said to herself, "Hey Self. I wanna make stuff." One, two, skip a few, and she has now started her own business making tees and painting vintage purses, luggage and designing custom shoes (under the watchful eye of her dog, Ringo). What sparks here interest?

"I am inspired by so many things, but because I dig lists here are some things that stay fresh in my mind: socially conscious hip hop,punk attitudes, graffiti, tattoo flash, and animal documentaries- especially shark ones."

One thing she forgot to mention in her bio was the cowboy party. I was flickr stalking her, and it looked like a look of fun. What? The pics are on the internet! Get all off me! Stalk Jackie and see more of her fun accessories here: VOZ CLOTHING AND ART.