Wednesday, October 29, 2008 The Next Social Thing You'll Try Out. is a new um...thing...that melds the worlds of social networking, video games, virtual worlds and all that jazz. It's in it's beta stage. It's free & seems easy to use, but there are still some bugs to work out. Overall review? FUN! I got an eye patch & bought a zen garden house in 15 minutes. I even snagged a poster of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Whoot! Here's me and my house..don't judge. I'm still decorating:

In an interview POSTED ON Y-PULSE today, Hang Out Industries CEO Panos Anthos announced that they will be partnering with Zappos to offer 200 different pairs of Vans to deck out your "you" within the network. Great! My avatar is wearing lame Tori Birch mall knock-offs. Paaa-Sha!

So what's this about again? The idea is that you & all of your friends create rooms. By playing games or meeting challenges you earn points that can buy your avatar cool stuff to wear or decorate your "room." All brands & items in the system are based on real brands and actual items those brands sell. And you can link it all to your facebook. It's kind of hard to explain so how about you just click the demo?

Try it for yourself here: HANG OUT DOT NET. I'm 'bout to start biting chumps so I can get more points & buy some fake shelves to put all my little Vans on in my little fake house. Look out.