Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Gold Fronts Bike Brigade

I found this photo today. Then what? Not being satisfied with the mystery of its origin, I began to snoop. Turns out the chopped up Old Skool Vans, allowing the fresh Gold Fronts tattoo to breathe while still looking hot for the ladies, is tied to a bike gang from Reno, NV. I'm not sure if these guys have achieved their mission statement since THEIR BLOG is now defunct. I'd say sometimes the effort is entertaining enough:

"I ain’t neva scared" -Bone Crusha..... In the summer of ‘06 the notorious GOLD FRONTS bicycle gang embarked on mission to over throw the entire US government. The movement was headed by the Gold Fronts only communist member Chez Guevara. In an attempt to erase all basic infrastructures and civilities, the GOLD FRONTS hoped to leave the people of this nation but one option...the implementation of a new way of life, their way of life, the scuz life. Once chaos ensued and the government dismantled, only the scumbags who willing accepted this new path would maintain and succeed. The rest would fall victim to the ruling mayhem of the Gold Fronts Nation."

Whatever happened to the bike gang? Maybe we'll never know. Maybe one of the guys moved to Brooklyn like it says in his flickr profile where I got that photo. I guess there's no way we'll ever know. ever. See his photos here: SECONDHAND. Gold Fronts Nation...word up.