Tuesday, September 9, 2008

True Story: The Vans Shoe Series

Here at Vans, we've been following the work of photographer Amanda Lopez for going on a year. For much longer than that she's been documenting her travels...the twist is that it's from her Vans' point of view. She's got her own solo show opening this month featuring this series called "True Story: The Vans Series." If you're around Santa Ana, CA the opening reception is September 20th from 7-10pm at Galeria Tufino.

Look for the girl wearing the sneakers in the photos, run up to her and kick her really hard while screaming, "Where's your camera now???!!!" She'll totally get it. (I mean, it's not an inside joke between Amanda and me, and I haven't told her about it yet, but..um...it will be hilarious!)

Get yourselves more info at GALERIA TUFINO and AMANDA LOPEZ.

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