Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Punker Than You Punk: Tartan History.

In general "history of punk" books, it seems like the origin of plaid gets overlooked. In fabric history books, at least the correlation gets a nod. A few quick searches and you have the makings of a great article for someone else to elaborate on. Write it and send me the link.

Scene one. Start off in Scotland. Everyone knows those dudes got dogged forever by their neighbors. Tartan is a symbol of Scotland. So, duh. You gotta get that outta there if you're going to dominate them.

"Of all the symbols associated with Scotland, tartan is undoubtedly the most evocative. When the Hanoverian government in Britain banned the wearing of Highland dress in 1746, after the 1745 Jacobite Rising, it was not just a bid to ban a superb campaigning garment, it was also a direct attempt to deal a mortal blow to a people's morale. The intention behind the ban was to force the Highlanders to adopt Lowland culture, thus wrecking their martial spirit. The ban applied to all men and boys in Scotland, other than those serving in the Hanoverian forces. Those infringing it received six months' imprisonment for a first offense and seven years' transportation overseas for a second." - from TARTAN HISTORY SITE.

Is there any wonder that this pattern was adopted by the punk movement? Here are a couple of links to find out more on the history of the pattern & fabric. MORE TARTAN HISTORY and TRENDS.

Photos by MAFLEEN and LO REZ SKY