Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Like a Letter but Smells Worse.

Last month I received a Nike (yes, a Nike) box from Philadelphia delivered to me at work. It was from my friend Lia Brennen, an artist back east. Inside the Nike box were two pairs of beat up Vans covered in detailed drawings.

There was also a note. It said something like, "hello. i put these in the washing machine and now they don't fit me so you lucked out and hershel made them they are old. i made some and hershel has them i have to go bye. love, lia."

Of course, I had to get to the bottom of this so I called our friend Hershel Baltrotsky (also a maker of things in LA) to find out the back story. Hershel told me that he & Lia started drawing on shoes for each other back in college. They continued the swap after Hershel and Sarah (Lia's BFF & Hershel's GFF) moved to the west coast. They'd snag shoes in each other's size, draw stuff all over them & send the finished shoes through the mail. They have a few more pairs floating around. I'll keep you informed, in the know, up on it, updated, and FYI'd on the next round of shoe letters they send each other.

And now the links to more art: ARTRAFFLE and LIAROCK.

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ariel said...

how do i obtain those shoes.