Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am in Actual Pain, Here.

I ran across Seattle's Actual Pain after photos of his work (and rumors of his custom Vans) popped up on the site of Seattle shop Winner's Circle. He's on the come up working with folks including New Era and Mishka. However, DIY aint' a four-letter word in his book (ha…so bad I know). Actual Pain not only sells his wares in boutiques. You can buy his work right from his site. Also, I would venture to say that he's having a particularly novel/he-man week since one of his tees made it into this month's VICE Magazine fashion section.

Congrats, bro! Someone in Seattle go buy this guy a beer, and then smash the bottle on his head while he listens to death metal. I am pretty sure he'd be stoked on it the next day. He'd have a scab to pick so he could paint in blood. Yes!

More fun here: ACTUAL PAIN and

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