Thursday, September 11, 2008

Go to College, Looooooooser: Ian Mackaye at UC Irvine for Q&A.

If you're so pissed that you have to do some serious floor punching about how much you have to pay to go to school at UC Irvine then here's your best day coming up soon. Mister Minor Threat himself will be speaking on campus at that there school in Orange County, CA. Reportedly, the Q & A, scheduled for October 21, 2008 will be open to the public and will cost a whopping 5 bones if you ain't enrolled. I have this information from a source rrrreeeeallly close to the quick, WHERE EAGLES DARE'S little brother who goes to school at UC Irvine. So there. Golden. If I'm wrong...then I know where he lives. We can all go beat him up. Fine.

Take a note here: if you go, make sure to ask Ian about "staying punk/selling out" and subsequently, "if punk is dead and how he killed it." He will love that just as much as when I asked Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about the make-up.

Pee Ess. The brains behind this operation are Acrobatics Everyday- a student group that puts on rad shows at that campus. More info on them here: HERE.

*Revision: It was pointed out that the spelling of "loser" like "looser" was too subtle, and I'm sick of getting emails about it. FINE! I've added a million o's for you jack butts. FINE! THEIR!


Anonymous said...

loser (spelling)

Nikki S. said...

hahaa i thought i was being funny. i guess i should be a little less subtle sometimes:)

Anonymous said...
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Nikki S. said...

you can't comment battle the moderator. duh.