Thursday, September 4, 2008

Duh, Max Shaaf's Blog. Duh.

Somehow, I missed this perfect Vans-on-a-chopper pic from Max Shaaf's blog. Jeeeeex. DANIEL pointed this out. I'm loosing it. It's a slippery slope to Bummersville. Back to the matter at hand: this photo from 1976 and how badass it is.

Our primary subject in the photo has got himself a well groomed moustache. His handlebars are are out there so he can look all steezy, but seem practical enough for fairly long rides. When he arrives at the obviously amazing and dangerous destination unknown he will be sporting his clever navy blue Authentics. However, I wouldn't want to be that girl on the back. Her knees are up around his butt. She looks like she could leap frog right off 'a that thing and go sailing off into the brush...possibly in search of her brassiere and definitely singing, "Rhiannon." Ah, yes. Look at her with her little eyes closed, "Rhiaaaaaaaaanon!" She is a woman taken by the wind. Now for the props: MAX SHAAF'S BLOG.

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