Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chris Piascik: Making Art All Day (Mostly).

Chris is one of those all around artists. He paints, he designs...he's down for whatever, and maybe he gots hisself a crazy non-rhotic Kennedy accent since he lives all up in Cambridge, MA. (I'll just go ahead and say he does. You aren't going to run into him anytime soon. Don't front like you have friends at Harvard or MIT.)

I digress. Anyhoo, Chris is involved in more than a few projects including Print Brigade and design firm, Alphabet Arm. He's been painting a few pairs of custom sneakers, too. Hey, Chris. Say, "I left my parka with the fur collar in the car." DO IT! I don't care if you grew up in Connecticut. Live the dream with us, dude.

Chris' blog is a great place to start looking at his work. He does a sketch a day and posts them HERE.

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chuey said...

Hey , wuz up man, my name chuey, im from calexico Ca, and i've also used and skated vans for almost all my life. now im studing art at a community college and in order
to get money im doing the same as you! yeah, im painting vans slip ons, doing designs that people ask me to do, and i've some galleries in mexico. i would like to contact you man,maybe we can create a huge bussines. you can contact me, and see some of my stuf at www.myspace.com/jesusko