Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anna Fleischer's Custom Vans Series

Magali from the Milo shop in San Diego just sent me a photo this morning of the first series (serieses? serai? yep, probably serai) of customs I've seen. Anna did a few of these sets, but my favorites are these two. The shoe collections are in multiple size runs (each size has a different graphic element) however, she really paid attention to the composition of the individual pairs.

Anna's got a bunch of new work up on her site. She's getting the bills paid with her customs work so she can continue recording music. Here's Anna in a club in Missouri back in June...

Oh, Ka-damb! BEYONCE! All tha women thas independaaaa! To tha lef to tha lef! Something-something-something-box to tha lef! Whatever. Anna doing her own thing. You feel me? Here are her links: ANNA FLEISCHER'S CUSTOM PAINTED VANS & ALSO HER SINGING WAY BETTER THAN YOU.

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