Monday, September 22, 2008

101 Sneaker Facts

I ran across a pretty cool list of obscure sneaker knowledge on the GeekMinded Blog. I'm not going to bother ya'll with the whole thing, but here are a couple samples:

#1. One of the earliest references to “sneaks” appears in James Greenwood’s 1873 account of London life, ’In Strange Company.’

#18. Customization is all the rage today, but it’s nothing new to vans. For those who believe Nike i.d. is the best thing since shelltoes, peep game. Before sneaker customization went from niche hobby to overpriced mainstream trend, Vans was on it...the company started customizing sneakers in March 1966.

#33. Nike employed Hunter S. Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman for the launch of its 180 Air line.

#74. Reebok is named after an African gazelle called a rhebok.


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