Monday, August 4, 2008

LA Sneaker Pimps Show

I was all set to head to the Sneaker Pimps LA Exhibition on Friday when I got word that the venue had changed to a much smaller one because someone had been shot at the original place. Yes, that may have been a rumour, but I'm one much for legend over truth anytime. I digress. Public Enemy, Ghostface and all kinds of other crazy people were slated to play this sneaker show in a small-ish Hollywood spot so I broke out the nice kicks and fixed myself up.

We got to Element, the club where the party was going down, super early but to no avail. The venue decided not to admit people that were on the guest list, however they neglected to tell anyone who was in the big line that minute detail. (More like Sneaker Punks! Oooo!) Instead, we stood there for 45 minutes before my little crew was lucky enough to be rescued by our friend Craig. Five minutes later, we were in that club like gang busters....ones that really enjoy sneakers and hip hop and beer.

There's another SNEAKER PIMPS Exhibition coming up soon. Check their site for upcoming cities and artists featured. Thanks to JARED E. for the photos & CRAIG W. for saving our lives.

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