Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jeff Canham Makes Things All Day

One of the most striking features of The Mollusk Surf Shops are the signs. It communicates right off the bat..."Hey! I'm a rad shop! Look at me & get in here & I probably have some stuff that you want probably!"

So...who made those signs? Jeff did. He's a typographical master and fricken' neato artist currently living in San Francisco. And of course, he doesn't only do signs. He's had a ton of shows and just finished up teaching a class this past Sunday as part of the Beautiful Loosers "Make Something" project. I snagged that pic of Jeff teaching his class from Aaron Rose's RVCA Blog.

Look at more of Jeff's work on HIS SITE and here's the link for AARON ROSE'S BLOG, too. Oh! and here's THE MOLLUSK SURF SHOP while I'm at it.

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