Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art School Kid Paints Custom Black (Like His Soul) Vans

Alright, you can make a couple of arguments here...

One: Oh, awesome. Way to buy some white shoes and paint them black! You could never find those anywhere. Gonk.

Two: Oh, awesome! Look at the sheen that paint makes. And white piping? I'll take them, sir! "Clean lines" or some BS that people on design reality shows say...etc.

Three: Oh, unawesome. They were out of black Vans at the store in your size...but ain't no store running outta no black paint, ya heard?

See more art school mayhem from the University of North Texas here: HOORAY FOR AKAMISE!

It's okay, Art School. I know how you feel. I once turned in a pop up book that I made for my final with a piece of my index finger and blood in it from cutting myself with an x-acto while constructing said book. I thought it communicated more about urgency and was sorta "dark." Got an E for Effort, though. No one understood me! (aaaand scene! Close curtain!)

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