Tuesday, August 5, 2008

AdVANCEd Placement

Vance from 732 Tattoo in Fullerton, CA made it exceptionally easy for me to come up with an equally clever and corny title for today's post. Nah, he didn't put any effort into that. However, you can't say the same about his work both on canvas and on skin. For erudite scholars of the comic book kingdom, you'll be pleased to learn that Vance's influences as an artist have grown from James O'Barr, Anita Blake, Drew Struzman, and Stan Lee and other folks like that. For the rest of us who thought, "Wasn't that one guy in Mallrats and Jason Lee wanted to make out with him or something?"...you can still appreciate the intricate work this fella is consistently churning out.

The next time you see a little mousey D&D-looking guy/girl all hunched up over a comic book at Starbucks drinking some bs coffee milkshake, and you're thinking something mad snide... imagine that they might have a big time demon killer tattoo on their whole back. That's a serious power animal. Do you wanna have to deal with that kinda baggage in a confrontation? Nope. Shut up and drink your skinny latte (half-caf!).

Check out the tattoo shop HERE with more of Vance's work.

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