Monday, July 21, 2008


Vans world traveler/rad guy Chase Weikal just got back from Pamplona, Spain where you know how they do...they run from bulls at the San Fermin Festival. Here's a little story he sent me from his trip:

"...came across this guy after the bull run (which is at 8AM) decked out in Vans gear. Wish my friend would have moved the camera down a little to see this dude's red sk8 highs. Anyway, he's still rockin' the shirt which was pretty cool....The guy knew no English but we rocked a pose together for the camera. As for the run...don't ask me if I did it...ok I chickened out! But after watching homies getting creamed by the horns, I was thankful I didn't do it."

Fair enough, Chase. Live to fight another day in the streets. See him getting tough in Europe HERE. (Big Ben, kids! Parliament!)

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